Beardometer - Beard Shaving Apron

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A beard bib with an extraordinary measure.

A beard trimming cape
Every self-respecting beard owner takes good care of his beard and is proud of the facial hair owned. After all, a beard is not a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle! It’s time to show this to others, and the funny shaving bib will make it easier.
The Beardometer – Beard Shaving Apron allows bearded men to ensure a perfect look of their beard in home conditions, while also taking a tongue-in-cheek look at it.
The bib includes a scale – and not just any scale. Instead of boring numbers, we will find a quality company there!

A measure of cult beard lengths
It is a man’s nature to take challenges, and growing a long beard is definitely one of them.
With the Beardometer you can check how long you would have to grow a beard to become a wizard, or if others are right when calling you a hipster.
The pictures of subsequent measurements will also look great on social media.

A practical gadget for bearded men
Beardometer – Beard Shaving Apron allows to take good care of facial hair without making a mess around yourself. Which means you don’t have to clean up the bathroom or worry about clogging the sink drain.
The apron’s bottom is to be attached to the mirror using the suction cups, which causes the trimmed facial hair to fall directly on the bib. Once you’re done trimming, you can swipe the hair right into the wastebasket.

A beard grooming gift set
The beard cutting bib is a good idea for a gift for a beard owner. Especially one who takes his beard growing seriously ;)
The Beardometer will make a great gift for a bearded friend with a sense of humour.
If your boyfriend (or husband) always dreamed of a real sea dog’s beard, this gadget will get him one step closer to fulfilling his fantasy. Being a Viking is also an option for him now – at least when it comes to just the beard.
It’s an interesting gadget for the Men’s Day or for the birthday, as it emphasizes one of the manliest attributes.

Gadget facts:

- The apron makes it easier to trim the beard without making a mess around yourself;
- Includes 2 convenient suction cups with metal hooks to attach the apron to;
- Packed in a black gift box;
- Easy to store thanks to a zip bag;
- Can be travelled with as well;
- Adjustable neck closure;
- Material: 100% polyester;
- One size fits all.

137 cm
73 cm



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