Case with wine glasses diVinto - Who cares - Black

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Set of 2 giant glasses with printed levels, packed in an elegant case.

Original wine set:
Case with glasses diVinto – Who cares is the set of two black glasses that can hold a whole bottle of wine, which are packed in an elegant case. The glasses are distinguished not only by their size and colour but also by a witty print, perfect for any mood. It's a gift of the grain of salt kind that shows how well you understand someone.

The case you can take everywhere:
Enjoying life is easy if you do it with good wine, and even easier when you drink the wine out of unusual glasses in good company. You can take your Who cares glasses with you everywhere thanks to the durable case, which is designed to protect them from breaking and allow to be safely carried. Strong, stiffened material, practical handle and attention to detail make this gift memorable for the recipient.

Levels of filling:
Three levels of filling are marked on the glasses, because life is interlaced with days that are worth celebrating, but also those we would rather forget about. The Good day level is foreseen for the first ones and the Bad day level for the second ones. Note, starting from this level, sooner or later you will reach the Good day. :) And when you do not care and just want to relax, use the level Who cares – at least you won't have to worry about the refills.

Joy should be shared:
The only disadvantage of good wine is the necessity of constantly topping it up as it quickly disappears from the glasses. Giant glasses diVinto effectively (and with humour) solve the problem of an eternally empty glass because they can hold even a whole bottle of this delicious drink inside. There are two glasses in the case, as the joy must be shared, and the theme of the levels of wine will also play well with two people; because if I have a bad day and you have a good day then together we have the day wasn't so bad – the two are always brighter!

For whom:
The Case with glasses diVinto – Who cares is an interesting gift for a wedding, e.g. instead of flowers, because it is durable and practical. It will also help the young couple to survive worse times with humour and optimism and will facilitate the celebration of the best ones. The gadget is perfect for an anniversary or Valentine's Day, because it is worth creating a romantic setting for celebrating the time spent together, and thanks to the travel case with glasses inside you can have it anywhere. A lady's evening with a friend is another opportunity asking for the use of giant glasses.

If there is a couple of wine lovers in our circle of friends, the Case with glasses diVinto will be a perfect surprise for them. The filling levels marked on each glass will give a different dimension to their shared moments with a drop of their favourite drink.

Gadget facts:

- set includes a case and two giant wine glasses
- three levels marked on glasses: Good Day, Bad Day and Who cares
- case made of hard and solid material which protects wine glasses
- lightweight and compact design for easy packing bag, backpack or suitcase
- case size: 31,5 cm x 25 cm
- height of a glass: 28,5 cm
- product is protected by Registered Community Design No 003611839-0001

NOTE! DiVinto glasses are handmade. All tiny imperfections that are visible inside the structure or on the surface of the glass, are typical of glass-blowing.




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