Speedometer Clock - silent mechanism

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A wall clock with a dial that looks like a classic car meter.

In a nutshell:
Speedometer Clock is a round wall clock, the dial of which refers to the design of car meters from the turn of the 80s and 90s. The hours on the dial have been replaced by a speedometer scale which reaches 200 km/h. The clock face also includes a printed kilometre counter, which will always have low mileage. ;)

For car lovers:
The clock face faithfully imitates a car gauge from a past era, although the gadget should appeal to all fans of cars and classics, regardless of their age. The clock will be an exciting gift for a husband who works on his car for hours and hours, for a father who nostalgically recalls the vehicles that were produced for many years, or for a son or brother who is interested in the history of the automobile. The Speedometer Clock is especially recommended as a gift for a man, but it's worth remembering that there are also women who love cars.

An automotive gadget for a car enthusiast:
The natural environment for hanging this gadget can be found in car or tyre services, shops selling car parts and spares, as well as garages of home-grown mechanics, and man caves. Any place where a car enthusiast stays will be suitable for hanging the clock. A passed driving test is also a great opportunity to give a new driver this interesting car gadget. The Speedometer Clock definitely works as a gift for a driver.

It draws attention:
Black Speedometer Clock is one of those clocks that are difficult to pass by, especially for someone who loves cars. Hanged on a wall, it catches the eye and suggests that the owner of the house is a real enthusiast of cars from the old days. Fortunately, it is the design and not the ticking of the clock that draws the attention of guests – the clock is practically inaudible due to the use of a floating mechanism.

Gadget facts:

- on the dial, there is a speedometer scale instead of digits
- silent, floating mechanism
- clock doesn't have a second hand 
- housing covered with rubberized coating
- dial protected by a sheet of glass

30 cm

1x AA (not included)


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