Speedometer Wrist Watch

Watch with a dial that looks like a classic car gauge.

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Gadget facts:
It is ready for giving it as a gift, no extra packaging is needed.

Material: polyester, metal, crystal (lens) made of glass. Dimensions: 3,8 cm (diameter), the size can be adjusted.

Batteries (included): 1xLR626 (AG4).

Dimensions in the package: 2,0 x 6,0 x 17,0 (cm).
Weight: 0,06 kg.

In a nutshell

The Speedometer Wrist Watch is a men's watch, the dial of which refers to the appearance of gauges in iconic cars from the turn of the '80s and '90s. The watch – instead of the usual hours on the dial – has a gauge of the classic speedometer, and its scale ends at the value of 200 km/h.

Stand out

The watch's dial faithfully imitates the car's gauge and reliably attracts attention with its appearance. So if you know someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, and the murmur of an engine is in his heart, you've just found a car gadget for him.

For whom

The Speedometer Wrist Watch can be an exciting gift for a boyfriend who likes to tinker with a car, as well as for a husband, dad or grandad who nostalgically recalls the era of reliable German cars. It will delight both the owner of a vehicle from that time, car lover, and a teenager who is interested in the history of automotive. Anyone who likes watches with an unusual appearance should also enjoy it.

Recommended occasions

The Speedometer Watch is an interesting gadget for a driver. You can easily give it to a new driver – brother or friend, for example, on the occasion of passing a driving test. It will work as an inexpensive gift for a son or friend's birthday, just as well as for the name day of an uncle that likes cars.

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