Bottled Wine Set diVinto

An innovative wine accessories in a bottle-shaped case.

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Gadget facts:
You can take gadgets out of the case and put a bottle of wine inside. The case is suitable for most bottles: max. dimensions: 32,5 cm x 8 cm, diameter: 7,5 cm.

Contents of the set: air pressure wine opener, vacuum wine stopper, wine pourer with cooling stick, case.

It is ready for giving it as a gift, no extra packaging is needed.

Material: EVA. The case is made of hard and solid material which protects its content from breaking. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to pack in a bag, backpack or suitcase. Dimensions: 35,5 cm (height), 9,5 cm (width).

Dimensions in the package: 9,5 x 9,5 x 35,5 (cm).
Weight: 0,35 kg.

In a nutshell

The Bottled Wine Set diVinto is a complete set of mandatory wine accessories in an elegant, multifunctional case in the form of a bottle. The set also includes: Wine Chiller diVinto (cooling pourer), pressure corkscrew and a pump stopper. The Set is a great, standalone present – doesn't need an extra bottle of wine.

Extreme Wine Bottle Case

The stiff, zip case may serve two different purposes: it may be used to store the wine tools or... wine! After taking the gadgets out of the case, you can put a bottle of wine inside and protect it during transport. Extreme Wine Bottle Case will protect it against breaking and the strong handle allows to carry the case conveniently along with its contents.

Very useful

Each element of the set has been included because of its usefulness. The pressure corkscrew allows to open a bottle quickly and effortlessly with the use of pressure. The cooling pourer keeps the wine at a low temperature and makes it easier to pour it into glasses. The pump stopper protects against spilling the wine and allows to keep it fresh for longer by removing air from the bottle.

For whom

The product is perfect as a gift - it is stylish and does not require an additional package. All wine lovers, regardless of the gender, will appreciate the contents of the set. People who are active, enjoy going out and love open-air parties will appreciate the possibility to protect their favorite beverage during transport. It will also be great as a wedding or holiday gift. Perfect for a house-warming party, bachelor or hen party.

Take the accessories out and put a bottle of wine inside

Wine accessories gift set in an elegant, multifunctional bottle-shaped case with a handle.

The set also includes: wine chiller stick with pourer, air pressure wine opener and a vacuum stopper.

Take gadgets out of the Extreme Case and put a bottle of wine inside to protect it during transport.

Great, stand-alone gift for wine lovers – you don't need an extra bottle of wine.

The case is suitable for most bottles: max. dimensions: 32,5 cm x 8 cm, diameter: 7,5 cm.

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