Step 1: Registration

Step 1: Registration
Complete the registration form and wait for the activation of your account by our service. Your account should be activated via e-mail within 30 minutes (during working hours on business days).
Step 2: Placing an order

Step 2: Placing an order
Clear and functional order form allows you to place orders quickly and easily. You can also add every item to your order using product detail pages.
Step 3: Payment

Step 3: Payment
We provide you secure and convenient payment transactions. You can pay for your order by debit/credit card or PayPal using Dotpay system. It is also possible to make a traditional bank transfer. Just select a payment method in the order summary.

If you have valid EU VAT ID, you will receive 0% VAT invoice.

In the long-term and successful cooperation you can receive deferred terms of payment.
Step 4: Delivery

Step 4: Delivery
If your order value is more than net 2000 PLN, you will get a FREE DELIVERY.

Your order will be sent by GLS or Raben courier service immediately after receiving your payment. The expected delivery time is about 3 business days. The actual delivery status of your order can be checked at any time.
Step 5: Product responsibility

Step 5: Product responsibility
We do our best to ensure delivery of high-quality and functional products to satisfy your expectations.

However, if you need to make a claim we guarantee quick and easy consideration just on the base of photos. You don’t have to send the product back to our Wholesale Store.

We invite you to place your orders with us.

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